LuoShan Organic Village – 羅山大自然體驗農家

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Hualien, LuoShan is home to Taiwan’s first organic farming village. It is here that the region’s famous volcanic mud tofu is produced, and you can try your hand at making the tasty delicacy yourself.

During the Japanese’s 50-year occupation of Taiwan, the local people became particularly resourceful, using the region’s volcanic mud to create a unique type of tofu. In LuoShan, this decades-old tradition has recently been revived, as the younger generations use the skills learned from their parents to promote local farming.

The first step in the tofu-making process is to soak the organic soybeans, planted and handpicked by the workshop host himself, overnight. These are then poured, little by little, into a stone mill to be ground – the most tiring but fun part of the process! As the beans are reduced to a pulp, soy milk drains from the mill – a delicious by-product of the tofu-making process, which you’ll also be able to sample. What’s left of the milk is heated in a large silver pot, and then the secret ingredient is added – volcanic water which has separated from the volcanic mud collected days earlier. Soon curds form, which are then scooped off to be compressed into the familiar square shape. The end result is a tasty, unique type of tofu, best enjoyed with soy sauce or the homemade chilli sauce on offer – and all the more delicious due to the hard work you’ve put in to make it!

Address: No.58, Luoshan, Fuli Township, Hualien County, Taiwan

Telephone: +886 3 882 1352


Fee: TW$800/per group (1 to 8 people)