Thousand Island Lake – 千島湖

Visitors to Thousand Island Lake will be treated to spectacular views of the Fei Shui reservoir and tea terraces that line the surrounding hills.

This is a great place to visit anytime of day, but the hours around dusk or dawn will make for the best pictures. Buses do run here from Taipei, but it’s highly recommend to have a set of wheels here in order to roam freely. Plenty of taxi companies and tour groups offer this service.

After turning off Highway 9 visitors are greeted with a high clearing of a beautiful bending river. This is often the first selfie stop.

Further down the road there’s a sign pointing to ‘Thousand Island Lake.’ There’s a small shop with an old couple selling drinks and snacks. After passing through the shop a small stairway lead to the grand view.

Atop the hill are picturesque views and spots for relaxing. This a good spot to sit back and take a deep breath of life. Then head back onto the road and weave through the tea fields. The steep hills eventually lead down to the shoreline.
Exploring Thousand Island Lake is well worth the venture for those who simply want to wander freely and take in the picturesque landscape of this unique area.

Price: Free

Recommend Visiting Hours: Anytime, but dawn or dusk will make for the best photos.

Photos by Andrew HAIMERL