Tonghua Night Market – 通化夜市

Located within walking distance of Taipei 101, Tong Hua Night Market is a great place to experience real Taiwanese culture in an otherwise polished up part of town. The market usually gets started up around 6pm and can run as late as 1am depending on foot traffic.

Directly across from the lantern-decorated entrance is a famous Thai papaya stand. During peak hours the lines can get pretty long, but this dish is worth the wait.

Just after passing by the lanterns, there’s a grilled beef ventor who uses a blowtorch to cook. It’s a great picture opportunity and the meat is pretty tasty.

The middle of the market is full of souvenir shops, boutiques, and vendors. It’s quite entertaining to watch when the police occasionally circle through and cause a choreographed clearing out, followed by an immediate return of all the vendors without permits.

Finally at the end of the line is a renowned bubble tea shop. The market clears out onto a busy road, where tourists can either walk to XinYi District, or circle back for another pass through the market.

Photos by Andrew HAIMERL