Yujoy House – 余水知歡民宿

Yujoy House is more than just a (very good!) B&B. This peaceful bed and breakfast is part of a training programme for local young people in B&B operations and management. In 2012, Sandra Yu, having learned of the concept of B&B academies, decided to acquire Jen-Bin Original B&B in Taitung and to turn it into an academy site for young aboriginal people to learn the skills required to run a successful B&B. Young Amis couple A-Chung and Banai became the first recruits, learning valuable skills both at renowned hotels in other parts of Taiwan and at the B&B itself.

In July 2012, Jen-Bin Original B&B reopened under its new name Yujoy House, marking the start of both business operations and the internship programme. Since then, several other young people have returned home to participate in the programme, and Sandra hopes the initiative will prompt other businesses to offer such local career development programmes.

And Yujoy House is certainly a great example. With only five rooms, each offering stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, this bed and breakfast is the ideal spot to relax and get a good night’s sleep, away from modern-day distractions such as phones and TV. Relish the natural surroundings and Amis hospitality over a simple, healthy breakfast, before heading out to explore the beautiful surroundings.